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Filter Services of Arizona carries the full line of Glasfloss Industries air filtration products. From disposable filters, pleated filters, automatic Roll filters, Bag filter to HEPA filters, we can provide a filtration solution for virtually any HVAC application. Additionally, we carry a large selection of other filtration products. Feel free to look at our line card then call for purchasing information, 1 855 789-2250 or use the form under other filtration and request a specific estimate. Someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Pads & Bulk Media

Glasfloss offers a variety of pre-cut pads and bulk media for pre-filter or primary filter applications. Glasfloss pre-cut pads and bulk media come in a variety of fiberglass and 100% non-woven polyester grades that are designed for light to heavy dust loading applications.

Standard size pre-cut pads are packaged in a heavy-duty carton that allows quick access and keeps the media clean before installation. Service rolls are available and are packaged in an easy to use cardboard dispenser box.

The media is available in residential, commercial and industrial grades with a wide selection of standard and special sizes.

  • Progressively Dense Fiberglass or 100% Non-woven Polyester
  • Standard and Special Sizes Available
  • Skin Backing on Air Leaving Side of Fiberglass
  • Service Roll in Easy-to-Use Cardboard Dispenser Box

PDF File for Pads and Bulk Media