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The Glasfloss Z-Line 600 GA filter replacement option for Goodman and Amana whole-house high efficiency media air cleaners
These Glasfloss filters utilize 100% synthetic media that is laminated to a galvanized steel backing which stabilizes the media during operation.  The pleats are formed in a radial configuration and controlled with separators on the air-entry side to ensure proper dust-loading.  The pleated cartridge is encapsulated and bonded into a heavy-duty beverage-board frame to ensure filter integrity in high-moisture operations.  A gasket is used on the frame to prevent air bypass.  Each filter is sealed in plastic to prevent contamination before use.
·         Extended-Media Pleated Media Type
·         100% Synthetic Fibers
·         Laminated Expanded-Metal Reinforcement - Galvanized to Resist Rust and Corrosion
·         Moisture-Resistant Separators
·         Pleated Cartridge Bonded to Peripheral Interior of the Outer Frame
·         Encasing Frame made from Moisture-Resistant Die-Cut Beverage Board
·         Frame Face Internally Laminated to the Pleated Cartridge Apexes
·         Class 2 UL std 900
·         Rated up to 180' F
·         MERV tested in accordance with the ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2 Standard
·         Pre-applied Gasketing on the Top and Bottom of the Filter Prevent Air Bypass
·         No modification of the Filter Frame is Necessary